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It is a relative rarity within large-cap stocks that dominate major exchanges, especially those within groups that are used as reference points such as the US tech giants, regarded as FAANG stocks, FAANG standing for Facebook (now Meta), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX); and Alphabet (GOOG) (formerly known as Google).

These are often considered lynchpins of the US stock market and are widely available for trading on almost all platforms worldwide, to both professional and retail traders.

Due to their high capitalization, level of influence and functionality within today’s world and public reporting responsibilities to large numbers of shareholders, it is rare that the prices of all of these stocks move very much.

This dynamic can be extended to a number of internet, social media and technology companies listed on major US exchanges.

Twitter is one example, however over the past few days Twitter stock has been more than a little bit volatile.

On Friday during the trading session in New York, Twitter stock declined by a considerable 9.69%.

That represented a steep downward direction just before Elon Musk came took to the mainstream media in his usual overtly extrovert style, saying that Twitter’s legal team have advised him he has violated his non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by revealing that the social media giant’s sample size was 100 during a bot review, which came to light over the weekend. The markets have not responded to this yet.

During the course of last week, Twitter stock decreased in value before suddenly going down at a steep rate on Friday, May 13.

Over the course of the week, Twitter stock lost 15% of its value.

It is an interesting time for Twitter, because new owner Elon Musk has been working on potentially new ways to monetise it including charging commercial users a nominal fee whilst keeping it free for non-commercial users.

It’s also in the public eye as well as on investors’ watchlist because of the influential methods Elon Musk uses for pretty much everything he does, so speculation is high as to what he may do with Twitter as a platform for reaching a global audience as time goes on.

What is clearly denoted by the waves of volatility in Twitter stock recently is that it has now become subject to the Musk effect, rather than just the tool which helped Elon Musk create the Musk effect.

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