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a bit of chat on other threads …. deserves its own TLA?

Trade Acceptance Service (TAS) : NSXA Go-Live date of 23rd November 2020 NSX Limited (ASX: NSX), NSX Limited wishes to advise that the Company has been informed that the ASX Group has today made formal lodgement of the ASX Clear operating rules to ASIC. The rules will enable the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, the National Stock Exchange of Australia Limited to gain access to the ASX Clear monopoly on a commercial basis, under the TAS and “Open Access” regime The Council of Financial Regulators approved the “Open Access” regime at their October meeting1. The launch of TAS is now subject to a statutory 28 days disallowance period of the ASX Clear operating rules by ASIC. The NSXA integration to the TAS service is scheduled to go live on the 23rd November 2020.

Digital Exchange Subregister System (DESS):
NSXA has been working towards integration of the NSXA’s own internal Digital Exchange Subregister System, which is based upon Distributed Ledger Technology, into its digital platform being built by iSignthis Ltd.’s subsidiary, Probanx Solutions Ltd. The platform incorporates the NASDAQ trade matching engine, in addition to the DESS, and in future, the ClearPay Delivery versus Payments platform and the Paydentity™ KYC platform from iSignthis. The NSXA is in consultations with ASIC as to when the DESS can commence service, noting that it is now technically and operationally ready for service to commence data accumulation and writing to the blockchain, contemporaneously with TAS.

– gangbusters


– and, if someone can explain if it will be more efficient (and cheaper for mug retail), I would be thankful.


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