Dow Jones, Gold Prices Fall as Yen Soars on Virus Fears. Where to Now?

Declines of -11.49%, -12.36% and -10.97%, these are last week’s performance in the S&P 500, Dow Jones and Nasdaq respectfully. We have not witnessed such an aggressive decline in sentiment on Wall Street over a 5-day period since 2008. The fragility of the U.S. housing market was at the epicenter of the previous episode, this time around it is the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus.

The anti-risk Japanese Yen stood tall, seeing its best average performance against the US Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound and Euro since June 2016. The Greenback flipped from gains to losses. On the one hand, its haven-linked appeal is an asset during times of market pandemonium. On the other hand, it has room to lose its relatively high yield advantage.

Anti-fiat Gold, which is typically associated with a “safe-haven” status, underperformed against all odds. Do not underestimate the premium for liquidity during times like these, of which the precious metal loses out against its fiat competitors. Though in the medium-term, it remains high on historical terms. The yellow metal could have room to benefit from what is appearing to be even looser credit conditions ahead.

Sentiment-linked crude oil prices extended the aggressive selloff from the beginning of this year as the commodity closed at its lowest since the beginning of 2019. The Canadian Dollar likewise largely underperformed this past week. Oil is a key source of revenue in Canada and lower energy prices can exhibit domestic deflationary pressures, perhaps fueling monetary easing expectations.

Central bankers are taking note of the situation, with Fed Chair Jerome Powell alluding to an imminent rate cut on the horizon. Yet, room for maneuver is constrained as most major central banks were not able to unwind easing efforts successfully in the aftermath of the Great Financial Crisis. This places the weight on fiscal response to counteract downside economic threats.

Most new coronavirus cases are now being reported outside of China, with places like South Korea and Japan being closely watched. More reports risk further dampening sentiment on top of next week’s key event risks. These include both economic and political. The incoming “Super Tuesday” from the United States will likely reveal who could be Donald Trump’s challenger in November.

OPEC officials will be meeting in Vienna with the coronavirus epidemic threatening global demand further. The Bank of Canada meets to set rates. All eyes at the end of the week turn to the U.S. jobs report. The EU and UK continue with ongoing trade talks to see if both can progress towards a deal. Keep a close eye also on the latest economic outlook update from the OECD.

Fundamental Forecasts:

Australian Dollar Eyes RBA and GDP But Coronavirus to Dominate

The Australian Dollar faces a packed week of important economic releases, but will even they be enough to shake the market away from the doleful coronavirus headlines?

Gold Price Holds Near Yearly High Amid Growing Bets for Fed Rate Cut

The threat posed by the coronavirus may keep the price of gold afloat as the shock to the global supply chain fuels bets for lower interest rates.

Euro Weekly Outlook: Awaiting EU Talks With UK, CPI and Jobs Data

EUR/USD had every reason to fall last week but strengthened instead. That suggests its upward momentum may neutralize fundamental weakness as difficult EU-UK trade talks begin.

USD/MXN Outlook: First Two Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed in Mexico

The Mexican Peso came under intense selling pressure as the markets posted their worst week since the financial crisis of 2008.

Dow Jones and FTSE 100 Forecast for the Week Ahead

Catastrophic losses across global equity markets as the coronavirus hits back with a soaring number of cases outside of China.

US Dollar Outlook Bullish as COVID-19 Spurs Haven Demand

The US Dollar may rally despite the downward pressure of increasing Fed rate cut bets as the coronavirus resurrects haven demand amid growing fear of a recession.

Technical Forecasts

Gold Price Outlook: XAU/USD Reversal Risks Larger March Correction

Record breaking stock market losses could not support gold with price posting a 7% reversal off seven-year highs. Here are the levels that matter on the XAU/USD chart.

Canadian Dollar Outlook: USD/CAD Macro Breakout in Progress

The US Dollar is on the verge of confirming a breakout against the Canadian Dollar; it could lead to a sizable rally after last year ‘s trading malaise.

Pound Outlook: GBP/USD Finally On the Move

Choppy trading conditions are freeing up in-line with FX volatility, the initial move was lower last week, but will that last?

Euro Price Outlook Hinges on Breakouts in EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD

The Euro generally had its best week since April 2015, seeing breakouts versus the US Dollar, British Pound and Australian Dollar. What’s next for EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD?

Japanese Yen Technical Analysis: Outlook Bullish, Pullback Eyed

The Japanese Yen launched a commanding rally from five-year trend support, setting the stage for further gains. A corrective pullback may come first however.

Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, DAX 30 Technical Forecasts

Last week saw stocks sink through major technical levels as all-time highs were exchanged for panic and record-setting declines. Enjoying relative calm on Friday, have stocks bottomed?

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