Income tax rates in the world vs. Australia

Dear all, as promised, after Labour and Greens all complaining how we do not tax “the rich” enough here, I promised myself to find real figures about personal income tax rates, the ones affecting the rich bastards funding your NDIS, pensions increases, debt repayments and 50 billions AUD submarines
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This reveal what I thought after traveling the world, it is very hard to find anywhere else in a remotely civilized country where we are slugged so hard.
I understand sales taxes etc can influence taxation charges but we have gst, most of the countries above have big discounts on the raw income before taxation, etc
Labour should be happy we can nearly compete with Sweden but sadly, our government does not offer anywhere near like Swedish services
I hope this could act as a wake up call on this country, but I doubt …
Read and analyse, based on a few hours of web searches
If this does not show our leaders incompetence, what will….

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