1. Hi Alex.. fantastic, l did notice that amongst the 12 daily charts was EURNZD, but for the 4 hour charts this became EURAUD, this change then meant 12 pairs became 13 pair crosses….hmm, so I'm wondering??? Pairs changed at some point obviously, but which are the best 12?

  2. I've incorporated a bit of your system into my trading, which was already quite similar! I'm looking at the 50 on the RSI and the SMA50 for my signals but adding your technique actually solidifies my own signals quite well. Very complimentary!

    Thank you!

  3. Can I just say I have been trading this method for a while now, and been playing around breakeven. I have wanted this sort of education for a long time, and with what I have watched so far I can see where I have been going wrong. I am going to be selfish and ask for these lessons to continue until I have this all locked away.

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