1. Wayne, you are correct. people need to invest. I am still poor and spent my money on beer, soda snacks and junk food I did not need. I am slowly investing and I now getting out of debt. I am getting healthier and clearing my mind on all of the hate around me also stop watching the news that lies all of the time. What I am learning is if people stop complaining that there poor you can make your dream come true. Thanks again for all of your great videos Wayne.

  2. Trading may not be suitable for beginners because it is possible to lose all your invested capital. I am sounding this warning because i had experience total loss trying to trade with less knowledge even after watching tons of video. Consulting a good financial analyst that has a unique execution capability and a reliable trading platform is a better decision to make which makes risk management trading decision more simple. LUKA GODFREY is a reputable expert who trades under the reputable FXTM platform who manages my trade profitably and allows me make withdrawals. His management can be reached via Telegram (GODFREYTRADING1)for traders who wants to be successful.

  3. Why are people so scared of getting an admin manager, life is all about risks. Rich people always do want poor ones are unwilling to do.
    Having an admin manager has proven to be a better way of making more profit on binary option, just remember that how ever you end your year is how another will start.

  4. Christmas shopping this year, it seems to me the stores, malls, restaurants etc. are not crowded like previous years. Perhaps this is just a reflection of the quantity of online shopping? I am thinking retail sales in stores is declining. That is just here, and in roughly 7 days of shopping, eating out, driving past half empty parking lots etc. Just my experience, here in the Mid-West.

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