1. Hi Asir,

    I from India and i have been watching your videos continuously, just clarify me the difference in pip that you are using there and in India…… you are telling 60 pips take profit and 30 pip SL, does it mean that 600 pip TP and 300 pip SL in Indian??

  2. hello brother i appreciates your efforts, i watched your all videos, there are many strategy and also visited to your website.. and also checked course fees and EA fees also.. i have question in this point .. all videos are just strategy or you also used it personally? or you use different strategy for your own trading..??

  3. Hey Asir, that sounds like the voice of Dr. Barry Burns. He's good at marketing his educational materials and I onced used alot of his videos and did not find them very helpful in the long run. Just my 2 cents!

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