1. Haha The Clampetts bible! G'day Wayne, I had a crack at front running – never heard of it before until I tuned into this channel, last week out of 5 trades – 3 wins, 1 break even, 1 loss, week before 1 for 1 on usdzaaar, pivots have helped me improved my trading results enormously…Thank you for your generosity, the webinars are awesome as are the lol's

  2. Wayne has illuminated the difference between news and fundamentals for me. And I'm beginning to see that with a solid fundamental view and solid technical analysis, I am more likely to "get lucky" with the news. I can't explain why, because there is no clear connection between A and B, but it works!

  3. If you are smart enough to get the knowledge of the Forex market and start trading, trust me money will be the least of your problems. I have been making consistent profits trading for half a year now. And I quit my job. I’m the happiest woman alive

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