1. Through in-depth discussion Mr Adams .J encourages us to regularly focus on our goals in life and then to financially plan with us to reach our aims. This approach fully integrates life plans and the financial plans and makes very good sense. Mr Adams.J simplifies a complex subject keeping us well informed of the latest changes and adjusting our mindset to suit the current legislation. Binary options trading Investment is very client centred and professional and we would happily recommend his services to others.”

  2. Thanks Wayne , Today is big idea. Without a strong work ethic and discipline I will never develop a bias based on technical or fundamental analysis's. Without that I will never succeed. 2nd idea , Successful traders have long term plans and volatility events simply cause them to break even or hit their targets, or enter future trade plans at major s/r levels. They don't Chase price.

  3. I enjoyed this video and my comment is representing my view about this specific webinar and I wont talk about other than this webinar.
    well I really enjoyed with Wayne's explanation about EUR/USD.
    I'm really grateful to be a subscriber to this channel.

  4. Tradersway is designated as "Trusted Broker" in babypips. It seems that the report is based on a 2010-Dec 2019 study. And you were mentioned as a "mini-celebrity" Wayne 😏 not too shabby, eh?

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  7. Phenomenal session wayne, especially the part on rules of engagement, an area i have much to improve on. What a crazy week, just got back from vacation and can't wait to learn from the rest of this week's sessions. Cheers!

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  10. I started watching these webinars in January, and i mean DRASTICALLY changed the way i look at currency markets! Only way to make money here is to stay consistence in non-consistence markets, period. Love webinars like today!

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  12. At FXBootCamp's Youtube channel the FXBootcampcoach Performance Tool video from Nov. 16, 2018 featuring Ryan Gandolf has a great written Trade plan in 4 parts. This is shown 5:44 (5 minutes, 44 seconds into the video). This includes a checklist for trending, ranging, and reversal markets, very logical and well thought out! Might be great to include with chart templates package as it's worth way more than $5. alone. This might be of great benefit to newer traders. Thank you so much.

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