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  3. The Baltic Dry Index fell 4.93% to 1,388 points in London after another sharp swing lower in Capesize rates.

    Capesize rates sank 9.06% to lead the index lower. Panamax rates rose 1.10%, while Supramax rates were off 0.21%.

    The BDI has now retreated for seven days in a row. The shipping index has ranged from 595 points to 2,518 points over the last 52 weeks.

  4. I missed the stream this morning slept in late , but the replay was good as always..One thing that was funny Wayne took a jab at me about the 3 questions thing lol…I wasn't upset, I just wanted to see what the pivot points chart looks like for comparison which was cool…keep up the good work you're putting out man. thkx 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿

  5. Dear Youtube, these webinars are great and this guy, Mr. Wayne McDonell is quite generous with his knowledge, for which I am, of course grateful, and so are quite a few other people. This content is educational and free, which is infinitely valuable, assuming that free, mathematically, isn't exactly zero, i.e. value of content divided by free is a very big number (well, maybe that's not the best analogy, but you, dear Youtube, probably understand). Also, it seems somewhat unfair, per the metaphoric math, that this channel only has 10.7k subscribers. But, its a free world and it isn't your fault, Youtube, that – although free, the world isn't perfect. Now, I am subscribed to the channel for a while now, I like most of the videos, and I feel that I am learning a lot. I also recommend anyone reading this comment subscribe and watch

  6. Really enjoyed your discussion on one of the components that make up GDP (exports) and your explanation about the Baltic Dry Index, and how to use it as a leading economic indicator.

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