1. Through in-depth discussion Mr Adams .J encourages us to regularly focus on our goals in life and then to financially plan with us to reach our aims. This approach fully integrates life plans and the financial plans and makes very good sense. Mr Adams.J simplifies a complex subject keeping us well informed of the latest changes and adjusting our mindset to suit the current legislation. Binary options trading Investment is very client centred and professional and we would happily recommend his services to others.”

  2. Hello , I have different question to be answered . I am new to forex and need to start trading as soon as possible , I need to Choose the right forex broker , according to my previous learning experience ECN account are the best , and ECN accounts are expensive when it comes to minimum deposit fees , and also low fee ECN account are not trustable according to the review of their clients , so my question is can i open Non-ECN account to make a profit ?
    Thank you very much.

  3. one reason im a bear long term on gold is that central banks have sold plenty gold and many are not returning gold back to sovereigns but NEVER have any central banks independently audited.??? My question is will they really buy back at todays prices or engineer a sub 850 usd price to buy in? Now your theory that there wont be inflation for many years to come and hence gold price will conform to its role. Another persons theory adds more weight to my bear position thats if I accept its substance

  4. Great content Wayne, you have a quality mic with good voice tone, tip the wind guard up push it out of the screen turn up the modulation slightly and stop fidgeting with it. You over modulate when you get close and sounds great 18"-24" from you. 😜

  5. Hey Wayne 👍🏿session good break down. I do have a trade plan I just wanted to see what your chart set up with the pivot points would show…I got in that EZ short when it broke the 50 sma on the H4 chart @1.72118 riding until the end. It broke the 61.8 on the D1 so it could be a complete 100% retrace to 1.66015. Oh ps I took profit on my 2nd entry closed that trade on friday…Again thkx for your time.

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