1. Not knowing about the market and jumping into will cost you dearly, before setting out you should seek expert advice because nothing good comes easy and forex is a goldmine.

  2. Awesome vid mate. Like the new version of pivot software you showed showing FX market Bullish Buy Zone's. Any chance there is a alert notification built into the script for sound, text or mail for a pair in either buy or sell zones wayne.

  3. "Australian and New Zealand dollars weakened today as a trade deal between the U.S. and China remains elusive. "
    Wayne, does this mean that the dollar strengthens when a trade deal is uncertain w USA & China? What can we expect for the dollar when a deal is made?

  4. Wayne, it's very interesting that some of the people that listen to you here think that they don't get free training here on a daily basis. This is better than the training on a daily basis that any $5 or $10k on the web now! Keep it up

  5. Wayne hammers on knowing if you are a bull or a bear. There is nothing more important and it takes real fundamental investigation. I wish I had known this when I started in forex , it would have saved me tons of time and $. Thanks Wayne!

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