1. Wayne, there is a 'seasonal' upswing in Gold from Dec-Feb. I plan to front Dec and position myself long Gold for a 3 month seasonal rally. It was odd you talk about thxgving seasonal's and suggesting a short monthly front run on gold (42:46) when when the seasonal's for Gold is up Dec-Feb

  2. Thank you for the COT insight. I hadn't used that in a while. One of the most beneficial things of your videos is the use of things I already know but set aside. This daily analysis helps keep me consistent

  3. Fantastic trading lecture, thank you. I love that we are of the same era, I get almost all your cultural references and jokes. 'Shall-we-play-a-game?" Yes, I want to play full scale, global macroeconomic warfare….Forex. Lol. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Thanks for you time Wayne. One question i have in connection to your expectation for Yen weakness, This time of year there is an expectation for Equities to rally into year end (and they often do) is that not a "Risk on" play and therefore imply Yen and USD weakness? Thanks

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