1. Thank you. Spectacular. Indeed, this one was very good. Probably the best, but in a different way. Really got me thinking. What is a good way, even if not the best, but still; a way to systematize and structure the overwhelming abundance of information about the Forex market into simple and actionable instructions. Really, the <if> conditions which must be somehow kept track of and notify me once they're met…Indeed, work is required, and good tracking of signals/market conditions (not the same thing) requires a filtered approach, complete with discipline, diligence, attention, simplicity, clarity, etc. So, on a side-note, and since this comes to mind right now, what if …ok, I drifted off, an <if> is not the same as a <what if>, of course. Still, given that the global financial system is so interconnected and to maintain stability the multi-trillion daily dollar volume of Forex transactions must be cleared in such an order of time that by the time they clear (i.e. 2-days for spot, I recon) the inventory on hand at each liquidity provider needs to match with the respective collateral, both held and anticipated to be transferred; so, I'm thinking Order Book, order-matching systems and open competitive auctions; not to get lost though, if America starts importing food from New Zealand and EU&GB and exporting its own to China, while China carries on with heavy imports of raw materials from Australia and reduces food imports from New Zealand, wouldn't that suggest a bright future for aussi-kiwi bulls, especially given the 5 years of basing…right, but that reminds me of the idea of not trying to chase home-runs and instead going for consistency…lovely. Geopolitical considerations though, are things that I can't steer clear of and, perhaps they might be my nemesis. Or my Holy Grail…not too sharp, I recognize, yet, with two sides to every coin, more dollars seem to have flown into NOK, SEK, and DKK than out of EUR, NZD, and TRY, meanwhile GBP took off hard, and considering how much the Middle Age crusades had to do with the evolution of contemporary secular governments in the Middle East, regardless of how much the Rothschilds have to do with the ECB, I just find that next week and going into November might be a great time to get short EURGBP, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURNOK; long CADCHF, USDSGD, NZDCHF, AUDCHF, CADJPY, and it seems like my system, the one I'm developing watching your shows, reading books, and making custom indicators, while still keeping me too poor to afford fxbootcamp course, is paying off, Thank You.

  2. Hi Wayne, I have a real problem with financial news. It throws me off my attempts to trade my bias, to follow my trade plan. However, I don't want to totally ignore the news either. What should I do in regards to news?

  3. The execution speed of tradersway are so amazing, I was comparing with the other broker(I won't mention)😉. Tradersway stays the best.

    Thanks for your hard work Mr Wayne, I appreciate your effort🙌

  4. You are an inspiration for those ho realy want to suceed. You tell us how tonsee things in diferent perspectives. And help us to think for ourselfs. That is priceless material. Keep it up

  5. That's right ladies and germs, the thumbnail says it all, Wayne, (my best mentor ever BTW) is a professional through and through! And thank you again Wayne for your time (and another gem).

  6. Hey Wayne I noticed that when I put a thumbs up during the live feed, it transfers through to the recorded video. So you could encourage people to like during the live event. I appreciate your macro perspective challenges and instruction. The radical change covenant agreement You challenged us to make is in my wallet and I'm working on it. Don't be discouraged by the trolls. Your time is not wasted on me and many others.

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