1. If you have got a good trading system no doubt you can achieve that. I have enjoyed some impressive trade income thanks to a professional who sorts out my tradings.

  2. Why is it important to have a a good trading agent or agency?Agents are very important because lives has been ruined, capitals have been lost by traders without one, if you belong to this category you really need to change that and get yourself a trading agent,it has helped a lot of traders.

  3. You did not show how put the indicator, show how you did it..or someone else did it. If you are going to show step by step prepare your slide show and explain it how you did it. You could have a demo account with any of the companies that offer it for free and using MT4 show the simple steps and you did not have to use your phone or anything to place your trade. On the real account place your trade and on the demo account show the steps you do on the real account by point at which indicators used, where they are etc… and make it much more relevant! Mentioning Harmoic scanner … and not showing how you did it is rather empty. I was waiting to see how you would do it but waited for nothing!! You didn't show it or even suggested how to … I am testing few things but I rather have the knowledge than being taken in by the hype that I come across a lot in the YT channels of so many.

  4. Girl please shut up and stop giving these people false hope, just terrible. If you all want to learn to trade you must put in the time to study and read about what the Forex market really is and put in the time and effort to formulate a strategy, which comes with back testing. she is full of BULLL SHIT

  5. Why I don’t believe you, you said you made $200.00 in an hour trading from a $500.00 account, risking 1% which would mean your pips wouldn’t be $1.00 per pip probably would be in cents cause you’re $5.00 per trade. So please let’s not mislead ppl

  6. Pls am really interested
    How do I get in touch with u
    I have an account already but not trading because I don't have a good understanding of it and don't wanna make mistakes
    Pls I would need your help and assistance

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  8. You guys out there ever wonder why most of you loose trades while others win on a daily basis…. well as a novice i blew and lost over $50k on two accounts while watching and following most of these over hyped videos in here. The truth is that most of these videos has nothing to offer other than to sell EA's. To every trader out there, please learn the basics of trading and get a mentor to guide you. Just like my Mentor and expert Mr. Wayne. (waynefrank688@gmail . com) Reach out to him for any help.

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