1. Hi, you mentioned somewhere in this video that it’s bad for a trader to let a losing trades run back to profit. I understand why Hedges Funds wouldn’t approve of this kind of trading, but as an independent trader, I often use this strategy to turn losing trades into profitable trades, and as a result, I have very little to no losing trades. I call it Trading with Strength. If a trader has enough Strength (capital) in his/her account, why should he/she take a loss?

  2. At 12:03 you began an absolutely fascinating discussion on the FED unwinding its balance sheet, buying up mortgages (they did this on GRAND scale a few years back), and your car purchase… I'll admit it went over my head when you started explaining how you will profit off a car 'bond' (I've got to rewind and break that down for 'homework'.)

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