1. I'm very much appreciative of Stephan Briggs for his help in making me a better trader with his trading skills and knowledge of it. Not only that growing my small account from $1,000 to $14,000 using Robotics and artificial intelligence

  2. Always a pleasure listening and following your guidance Wayne! Also, driving home from work today i noticed that practically EVERY major commercial building in my home city was up for lease or for sale. Me thinks strange and a odd coincidence, But i realized I am taking notice to a broader spectrum. Wayne speaks truth. Are we becoming WOKE because of WAYNE ??? haha, thanks again.

  3. Let me tell you something Wayne, these days I wasn't feeling very good about trading in general and If I will succeed with it , but after watching your lives , Im ready again and pumped. Thank you for that, also the BTC was a great addition to the seminar , please continue. Thanks!

  4. Today I was again reminded of the importance of studying the Gov stats to make decisions, as well as the importance of having a bias. Good discussion on cadjpy – Oil – 10-15 year market cycles.

  5. Literally i can't wait to get the courses! You are a blessing and a hero for us for everything you do for us. I can't thank you enough sir💪

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