1. I love being able to follow and learn from you since years! I would love to be part of a bookclub or maybe also meetup in Istanbul. Thank you for being Wayne!

  2. Love the ideas Wayne, Turkey sounds great have been a few times, I live in the UK so very easy to get to. You ask what else you can do, you already are an amazing individual giving up your time and expertise to all of us everyday, we as individuals have to have the same commitment and discipline as you to become successful. I/We appreciate all that you do so a massive thank you.

  3. Picked up some great points that really hit home! One in particular I sometimes tended to really over complicate entry pricing in the markets, thank you for the simplification I can take forward. 'Til next time Wayne!

  4. Nice one from you Wayne. I always appreciate your videos. The only problem in forex trading for me, is mastering psychology and money management which take a couple of years to master! I’ve really been there before. What I would recommend inconsistent traders do is get a reliable and trusted account manager. For me, Andrew Jenkins is your go to man. He makes things easier as trading is done using his robot which eliminates the fear and greed newbie traders would have faced when trading manually.

  5. Great session Wayne. Was watching a video on FXstreet about the china/us trade deal (phase 1). They have agreed to allow the chinese currency to float more freely against other currencies. Analysts agree the USDCNH will fall off a cliff as a result. What do you think mate. 👍

  6. This man literraly changed my life, with his perspective, his knowledge, his mindset and trading style. I don't know how many of you will come across this comment but this is the most sincere comment i've ever left on a Youtube video. This man is the TRUTH, take a seat and take notes.

  7. "My job as a currency trader is not to be right, it's not to try and beat the market, it's not to out smart anyone. My job as a currency trader is to be consistent. FROM THAT I CAN PLAN." WM

  8. Everyone would like to trade Forex if they could get consistent profit. But the problem is, when you are working to learn to trade Forex, when to buy and when to sell? Sounds like a simple and straightforward subject right? When should you enter a trade and for what reason? Even more mysterious is when should you exit a trade? In Forex trading, when to buy and sell is the key I have seen just about every method used in the industry, and every kind of technical analysis, EXCEPT the one that gets the best results. What does buy and sell mean in currency exchange, contact harryclark304@gmail to learn more

  9. It's taken me over a year to change my mental approach to trading. Thank you so much for these daily webinars that not only teach planning but also the psychology / mindset that produces a business approach instead of a gambling approach. This is by far the best Forex-Trading webinar available on YouTube.

  10. Your commitment for this community for this many years is truly remarcable and just shows how much you care for us. And we care about you in return 1000x for making such a huge impact on our lives. I have a question if you can respond : "you said that fundamental analysis only takes like 1 hour to do and is the same for one year. What do you precisely analyise in that hour (Usd Please) ? " Thank you and hope you fell awsome !

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