1. Thanks for your hard work Mr Wayne, I appreciate you👍. It was around September 2018 when I first met you. I heard you talking about things I've never heard about in Foreign exchange markets. From 2019 I started to have a light on how your charts and pivots works, remember I haven't bought any course from you but I attend or watch your recording everyday while trading a demo account, you showed me things I've never seen before, how to trade plan, how does the market behaves, also your accuracy in 2019 was powerful and not forgetting patience and discipline, including consistency. I'm still looking forward to learn a lot and lot from your experience, these are not just ordinary webinars we find here on YouTube. 🙌

  2. Wayne , I've been following every video you put out for the whole 2019 year, I've been trading forex only on Demo account until I can prove to myself I can be profitable for at least 6months to 1 year. I've learn tremendous amount of information from your webinars , they are interesting , educational, funny , full of information , everything I need out of a channel like that. Your templates and knowledge has given me perfect way to enter and exit my trades, it has given me comfort and ease of trading. Thank you so much. Also I cannot understand why this channel is so small it should have waaaay more subscrubers. I wish you all the best throughout 2020.

  3. Wayne is great folks – simply put he does not instruct on when to trade nor does he give exact entry and exit points. This is not a get rich quick trading scam or group; This is an informative, fully cooked, and expertly conveyed live market educational group where you will learn to analyze what's going on across markets in real-time from a fundamental and technical standpoint. Wayne couples that analysis with excellent risk management suggestions and helps to guide traders to a mindset entrenched in risk-based technical and fundamental principles that can result in precision trading where the losers are cut short because you had a plan and found out it was wrong or the winners thrive on 300+ pip trades all on your own entries and exits. BIGGEST TAKEWAY = HAVE A PLAN

  4. attend wayne webinar at johanessburg and my life change after took the course and practice for 2 years in a demo now i know how to trade and be consistent. hoping finish your studies on time and teach us about hudge fund

  5. After reading your book 15yrs ago, now it all makes sense with these follow-up webinars..
    Hands down the best forex fundamentals and technicals mentor I’ve come across…you have certainly had a mark on my trading style in a massive way. Thank you Coach.

  6. I look foreword to every webinar. You have given me tools to use that have helped . Also your personality and flexibility in all things is enjoyable to watch. I’m just a fan for sure !!!

  7. I was start inserted to trade forex in year 2016 and searching for right information. Out there so many gurus and EA offered but none of this help to make consistent profit. I am thanks GOD to know Wayne Webinar. Since then i never miss is daily webinar. I have learned a lot of lessons which make me better trader. I would like to thanks Wayne to guide us to do be a better trader. The information's your are sharing invaluable.

  8. Having followed all your daily webinars live or recorded from august the way you share your education and experience has certainly impacted in a positive way how I see and trade forex. I am pleased to have the opportunity to continue learning & improving with your teachings. Thank you Wayne.

  9. 2007 was when I started following Wayne daily…wow so many years! At times he can be boring with the same mantra but that is the key pick your bias a make your plans and execute sounds so simple but its not unless you follow the webinars closely and interact daily but for many the basic courses are worth the investment compared to other stuff Ive seen. Waynes method is simple and straightforward and not selling fancy indicators that so many believe is whats needed and you just follow it and make a fortune. The book is worth buying and reading page to page again and again if you cant pay for courses. Cheers Wayne what will we do if you arent on YT anymore?? Im sucessful thanks to Wayne all these years!!!!

  10. After following Wayne for over 2 years and coming to the webinars almost everyday and watching them a second time over later in the day I must say my trading has dramatically changed for the good. From mind set to the actual trade setups i am doing everything has improved and continues to improve as i keep showing up to the webinars. The amount of knowledge Wayne lets us have for free is incredible and he could easily charge a lot of money! I find my self always having a trade plan now that i stick to and also becoming insanely consistent while at the same time managing my risk at a great rate. This last year was one of my most consistent and most growth ive had while trading and much thanks to Wayne ! 🙂

  11. I first discovered Wayne through FXstreet NFP webinars in 2013/2014 and has been a valuable teacher of psychology, economic fundamentals( lately behavioural economics) and technical analysis. He nails seasonality of the markets and has been spot on about what is going to happen in the markets months even a year before it happens. His dedication and commitment to his work and his students is "insane". He does not give trading signals but teaches how to analyse the charts and decipher the central bank language in order to gain bias of the market. There is no one like him in this industry that I have come across, who gives so much without asking for you to join his training programme. Wayne you are god sent and I treasure all that you have imparted me with and fellow traders. I have struggled with my psychology, FOMO, aggresiveness, not waiting for conformation and wanting to be in the market all the time.Now I get that I cannot do that and expect to succeed in this industry.

  12. Good day Wayne. I have been following you throughout 2019, after throwing the towel in trading. I was a student for a company, but I wasn't being profitable. Your teachings and knowledge are excellent. I have learned how to be more disciplined and structure when it comes to trading. All the information you provide is extremely valuable and I appreciate that. I know that 2020 is going to be profitable for me, thanks to you. I also appreciate the fact that you truly care about making sure people gets the point on whatever subject you are talking about. Thank you Wayne!!!

  13. Hello Wayne, I hope you are doing well. I am glad I found this webinar (Forex.Today). I am new to forex trading. I have attended your live streams since October 2019. These are exactly what a newbie like me would look for. You are so kind to teach the real stuff about forex in a macro perspective. I am trading on a demo account and every trade you predicted using fundamental, technical and your experience of 15 years has been spot on, correct. You are the best webinar coach/mentor that I have come across.
    Wayne, you are such a sincere coach, so far I have meant. Thank you for being kind and generous giving us all that valuable knowledge about forex. I purchased your templates and videos on metatrader.com.
    I am using your templates, they are fantastic and I hope to join the forex bootcamp asap.
    As you always say to us may the pips be with you. May the good Lord be with you and bless you more with Long life.

  14. I learn myriad of lessons from this channel and Wayne.
    beside economic and analysis knowledge, I'm influenced by this man and his behaviour, I mean just look at the way he is trying to show us the big picture. and most importantly just look at how discipline and constant he is.
    I really have in my mind as soon as I can join and subscribe to whatever wayne is offering.
    I'm following up this channel since 2018 only.

  15. Thanks Wayne ! My Trading Sucks but through your dedication and persistence I have improved. I will continue to plan my trades and plan for all major events. Thank you for all your advice, time, help and assistance. Can you please review USDTRY? The plan is to short at 6.0000 (WR2)

  16. So Professor Wayne. This is one of my second or third videos I have watched. I am super grateful because after many year of wandering as a trader (technical trader), I have changed my perspective to be a global macro trader. My undergraduate Economics degree at UVA did not prepare me to master the markets. However, I have found your videos to be a great help. I am going to keep that journal of cause and effect. I truly want to understand the flow of money. Thank you for sharing. I am receiving a lot of value!

  17. Wayne you have certainly had a major impact on my trading, although I have to watch you most times on catch up I have learnt so much during 2019 and the biggest thing by far is patience and discipline and to have a trading plan. I have subscribed to the swing trading group and I feel so muchmore confident than previous so a big thank you. Happy New Year to you and all of the traders

  18. Hi wayne, love your webminar as always, i've been following your webminar for almost 2 years and its change the way i trade ever since, i appreciated your effort to provide knowledge and support even when you are busy or sick, the thing i love the most is your fundamental view in financial world which i need the most because i dont have a basic knowledge in economic when i start trading, most of the webminar out there is so technical and that makes your webminar so valueable to me, keep it up wayne, looking foward to watch your next webminar, cheers!

  19. Been following you for over 14 years now Wayne (since the Hotcomm days!) there is no one better! Thanks for turning my trading around and for all you do for the Forex community!!!

  20. I started following Wayne in 2017 . I understand Macro economics better now. I was mentored and coached by this guys_ Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld
    Themba Tizozo &

    The teachings have impacted my life in a positive way.

    #Stay blessed

  21. Somewhere around March will mark one year of me being in your community and boy, has it been a eye opener.  Watching your webinars has change my perspective and really re-wired my brain for abundance. I hope to shake hands with you somewhere, where the water is crystal blue and the sand white. Thank You Wayne!!

  22. I have been following Wayne for a year now, am part of the swing trading group and can say this, it has helped but trading is still very dificult for me. I find it is a psycologic thing and possibly time scarcity that impacts. I do not have the patience or trust as I missed the JPY weakness starting Aug/Sep because it took too long to happen and I got washed out. I have gone too early in December for JPY strength and have been hurt again. Even if you have a plan and the plan turns out to be right, you still need to be very skilled reading the thechinicals or have the time. By the way this is confirmed by some statistics I have done on pivotpoints. An MM2 will go to MM4 and a MM3 will go to MM1 a third of the time (strictly taken from the start of the month). Another third of the time you will be stopped out. The last third of the time you sort of finish where it started. This is not something Wayne has talked about where I have seen. So the strategy would still be profitable as the wins should be 3 times bgger than the losses and as you can see the outcome is about 50:50. Just be aware as you may have thought that the win loss ratio is higher than 50:50..I had that perception.

  23. Having had the opportunity to follow Wayne MacDonald for eight (8) years now I am able to testify as to how much I have learned from him.

    It is amazing how fast time can move, either for one or against one.

    In this case I am able to say that it has been not only an enlightening experience and a pleasure described more as a process of change to the better.

    There are many promises made by organisation and individuals alike, some credible but most scams. It is therefore very precious where on finds or more appropriately stumbles across an opportunity where one is able not only to learn but also capitalise on what one has learnt without the deception or promise of glorified or over hyped treasures. (get rich quick schemes)

    As such it is vital then to keep such an opportunity as this as close as possible for as long as possible.

    I came to know of Wayne through his book ‘Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading’ which I found amongst many books the only one which covered a broad enough base to which I could apply directly to the market. This proved to be an invaluable find during my early days starting out as an Fx trader, fundamentals and tactical which methods prevail unaltered to this day. (pity the charts were not larger and in colour)

    During this time with Wayne I have not only benefitted from daily seminars which keep me tuned to technician’s but also abreast of Global Macro’s and the ever moving fundamentals.

    Trading of any kind is a lonely business where millions of things may lead one to distraction and ultimately astray, having the opportunity to meet regularly online with others bird of the same feathers helps to alleviate this and reasserts ones focus on the issues of the day.

    I leave you with these thoughts,

    Where in the world is one able to take lessons from an unbiased expert on a daily basis all for free.

    Where in the world is one able to obtain teaching buy an expert without any hidden agenda or something being sold or exchanged.

    Where in the world can one find lessons which are able to be directly applied to ‘making money’ without a catch and most often the catch is that you don’t make anything other than loss.

    If you would like the opportunity to learn Fx trading through technical and fundamental analysis within a serious and yet friendly community, the opportunity to obtain financial freedom, look no further.

    Wayne, as we enter another new year 2020, sincerely thank you for all your undying dedication to us through these many years.

  24. Found Wayne in the 2nd half of 2019 immediately after taking another paid trading course and incurring major losses despite following the strategy taught there. I strove to revamp my entire trading system and gain more insight on the mechanisms within the forex market. Wayne's platform was the perfect place to accomplish this. Just from attending Wayne's daily free webinars and following his advice, I was able to turn around and become a profitable trader in the last few months of 2019, at the same time developing a keen understanding of fundamentals and macroeconomics, the impact of news on various currency pairs and a simple and consistent way of applying technical analysis through the use of pivot points.

    The content covered in his daily free webinars were much more in-depth and complete than the trading course I paid for. Thank you for the work that you do Wayne, I must say you are the factor which had the greatest impact on my trading, really glad to have found you in this oversaturated space. Here's to an epic 2020!

  25. Have been watching Wayne for years, my only regret is not being a regular participant years earlier. If you struggle with FX or are just wanting to learn from scratch, do not go elsewhere, stay with this channel, attend when possible and/or watch the replays, nothing else you will find remotely compares.

  26. 6:29 Oil – Exogenous Supply Shock Model

    14:03 Consequence – YEN CHF USD Strong

    15:55 Risk On ( I want to invest ) vs Risk Off ( I want to protect my capital )

    17:17 Earthquake/Tsunami – YEN Strong

    19:13 Geo Political Risk – Middle East – Oil Up – Yen Up

    19:36 CADJPY

    21:26 EURJPY

    32:09 GBPJPY

    33:18 NZDJPY

    38:04 How to use MT4

    45:19 GPBUSD

    46:44 What I trade 90% of the time

    49:21 EURUSD

    49:53 AUDUSD

    55:34 21 EMA

    59:21 Brent Oil

    1:00:26 200 EMA

    1:14:13 Why stock market is not gonna crash?

    1:30:00 Gold

    1:33:00 USDCAD

  27. I have followed wayne in the first half of 2019, it has been great help personally. The major trading help was to plan my trades before commiting to execute the markets. He is very fond of knowledge, in fact, he is also a very good teacher when it comes to macro-economics. Met him one NFP in 2018 and have followed him starting then. Hope to spend more time this year with his will to improve others.

  28. After reading a lot of books I still can't trade well. When I watched a few videos everything was clear up. I found the missing part of the books here. Go check all the videos on this channel is my 2020 plan.

  29. I have been following your channel for only 3 months after deciding that I want to learn forex trading. Wayne commitment and dedication in educating his community is unmatched. He will teach how to trade but with that you learn about macroeconomics and microeconomics, money and work ethics. He gives you all you need and more.

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