1. Nice strategy, although have turned away from Forex few months ago and focus on crypto.. Bitcoin bulls are optimistic again and for good reason we have seen the price trading around $7,300 support level strongly, Nevertheless, Bitcoin might rally further if it continues this way and its possible we see $8,000 resistance region. Most buyers and sellers are eagerly waiting to see the next upside and new resistance level. But while others wait, as a trader i would say it's still a very good time to buy and trade. The motivation for me was meeting Lovatt Norton, a pro trader in all aspect who provides signals for me on a daily basis and with which I realised 7btc in profit from a volume of just 2btc in less than 1 month of meeting him and my experience has been on a steady increase over the course of meeting him. Norton is always out there to assist and can be reach on Whatspp: +13322135128 and Telgram @ Lnorton08 for all crypto related inquiries

  2. Wayne you are passionate about helping people. Leaving your family to be here is good of you. I believe you thought on JPY you said it in August it happened now you said it again and I believe you cos you said in your old videos and happen just as you said. Kudos for ur infos

  3. Once again a great webinar. I said before its great to talk to us about ur current trades but would also like to see more where SL and BE occured. Thnx

  4. Can anybody tell me why USDCHF has fallen 200 odd pips in Dec whilst its relative equal risk-profile counterpart USDJPY is virtually unchanged? Add to this the melt-up in US equities with 8+ consecutive daily ATH's unmatched by a significant, if any, upside move in USDJPY and with a head-scratching "risk-off" mood prevailing in USDCHF which fell in a "risk-on" environment of the panic-bid in US equities? Wayne?

  5. Wayne if the fed adds liquidity to the markets, will that make the dollar stronger ? i mean if the fed is raising ( which they are not) rates that weakens the dollar.

  6. Thank you for the great knowledge as always Wayne, the probability of moves from most pairs is possible as they are either at DM2/WM2/MM2 or DM3/WM3/MM3 or round about there just waiting for technical confirmation.

  7. Honestly Wayne, the best thing for me in 2019 is that i found you. You are the only one that pushes and helps me to become great on this planet and it is sincerly an honor to know you. Take care of yourself, Thank you and have a great 2020!

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