1. Like the new Camera, Lights and Mic. You can try doing the Anti flicker on your camera for your monitors behind you to see if it gets rid of the aberrations. OBTW… Great content today!

  2. awesome stuff, watching the recording, interesting about AUDJPY is also (what appears to me) the strong support near 72, the likely increase in price range during the last quarter of the year, the unconvincing return below the 50-day MA, also bullish divergences { i) stochastic, ii) price action (turned your price action 5-8 principles into an oscillator below price with the degree of separation between the 5-8 moving averages seems like a great read, thank you) iii) drift (i made this up and called it drift… it's like a read of conviction really, using an MA, essentially measuring candle size, and my drift is strongly diverging on all durations less than two weeks, plus iv) the alleged trade deal with Japan (not sure how good that is for Aussi specifically, still though) and the Pivots you mention now are very encouraging}. This is probably my most embarrassing trade – I've been long since right before the flash crash last year, good thing it's very small size and still a carry, yet very unimpressive; …been learning as much as i could about your strategy and I like it very much, very inspiring and catalytic, for sure. Of course, Trader's Way is an awesome broker.

  3. The flicker on the screens behind you is because the frame rate of your recording is faster than the refresh rate of the 4k screens . This means that you probably used standard hdmi cables, which limit the 4k's to only a 30hz refresh rate. In order to get a higher refresh rate at 4k, you need HDMI 2.0 cables that are HDR ready. This will allow you to have a 60 hz refresh rate on them and the flicker will be gone. Or if you are using 2.0's already, then you can change the refresh rate in the Windows display settings.

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