1. enjoy losing your money with this. I'ts too easy to pick some specific charts with specific trends and show how this works. Reality is unfortunately completely different.

  2. Kindly guide on following points:
    1) Whether this can be applied to Indian Market say Nifty Bank?
    2)Purely for Intraday purpose say on 01 min candle?
    3)If yes, any further adjustment needs to carry out?

  3. I have been practising forex for years now but , i have to say your videos are so enlightening and very informative. absolutely fantastic job you are doing MR Dare. God bless you

  4. Please better define "a signal in the opposite direction", your last bullet point in the video. For example, if trading in a downtrend do you mean a fractal which closes above the blue line even though the alligator lines remain consistent with a downtrend? Or do you mean wait until the alligator lines become consistent with an uptrend and then close all positions upon an up fractal?
    Found the answer in the Bill Williams explanation from which makemo8 quotes. "If there is divergence between the Awesome Oscillator (AO) and the price signals, then the trend may be about to end. Close all open positions." Makemo8 does not discuss the AO. Therefore his last bullet point is incomplete. Nonetheless, I found makemo8's tutorial very, very helpful.

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