1. A really good volume indicator will help to see phase 1 … Wadda attah explosion on mql5 for mt4 works well….. and to all these people asking if it works on futures stocks etc ……… find out for yourselves for fucks sake!

  2. Every system should be tested with the long slow sideways grind. Any system would work in the volatile charts shown above. Buy what happens in a long period of sideways chop?

  3. You mentioned clean your charts and sound ridiculous. Every youtube trader says erase indicators which is indicating the market? You will never have a %100 trading ratio like me thinking like that

  4. Thank you for your good sharing.I have a question about.. sometime we saw that phase 3 are happend very fast and sometime we cannot get into the market at the right of time. How can we expect that the phase 3 is going to happend?

  5. this video has precious information, please delete it if you don't want to bank collapses 🙂 I will try these tactics asap. Thank you so so so so much… Finally, I found my answers in this video… I think the main point of trading, think like a big boss (or banker). I was thinking like a looser.. just now, I understood that.

  6. I’ve never seen someone as perfect as Mr Albert Micheal, he knows how to analyze trade, and with his strategies he earned me so much profit. Made €16,800 in 16 days of working with him

  7. I have watched tons of forex trading videos and still watching to improve my techniques but in the end the most valuable insight was getting in touch with pro trader Erin and getting my first profit through her

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