1. Thank you Wayne. Another great FOREX session. You talked about trading time-frames, planning & moving from season/monthly down to daily; developing a plan – entries and targets; trailing stops; what it takes to become a professional trader; the importance of eventually trading long term and short term perhaps in different directions. PAIRS: EURUSD | 53:53 GBPUSD | 58:57 NZDJPY Tomorrow, could you cover the theory of why the Out-of-Position H4 21 works?

  2. Thanks, Wayne! Have three demos going 1 gold & wti, 1 short term, and 1 long term with an emphasis toward a positive swap (however I need to focus more this account more since I found myself taking some short term trades).

  3. Thanks, Wayne, You are always are helping us to guide us in the right direction. Thank you for your support with us and your eagerness and motivation to help us learn the right way.

  4. Thanks again Wayne, also excellent insight into the transition phase for down the line as you grow as a trader. Have to say I'm really liking the summary of the pairs with a splash of money management talks and what to expect on our journey.

  5. I don’t know how else to appreciate the good work Mr Alex Reeves has done for me, I just made another profit of $9,400 and made a withdrawal today. He has been my financial pillar for months and I have been so happy am trading with him……

  6. Yo this is exactly the speech I needed. I've had a USD/CHF sell trade for a while now. When I should've waited for the daily setup resistance to sell. but I got ahead of myself. Saw the Stochs over 80 and I decided to pull the trigger, then I saw the trade 50 pips into the negative. I usually have my stops at 25-30 pips but I put my emotions and faith into this trade, and well who knows where it would've ended if I didn't stop it early and let me losers run.

  7. Thanks Wayne. I appreciate you sharing your experience and insight. I was doing an autopsy of my trading week for the previous week. I had some spot on trade plans. I have trouble when the market gets a bit volatile and will scrap my trade plan too soon. Can you give some advice regarding trader psychology and staying calm when it gets messy? – Cheers

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