1. Thank you Wayne. I'm learning patience and avoiding #FOMO (fear of missing out). You talked about the EURJPY pair possibly dropping down to the weekly M2 before it goes long. The old me would have settled to 'buy' at a price I don't want. Instead, I'm willing to wait for the PRICE I WANT, with a buy limit set just above WM2, instead of (in this case) entering too high to get the pips I want. If it doesn't work out and the price doesn't drop to 125.980 – I can move on. In the short term, I'm currently profiting with a short on the EURJPY (so far) with a Take Profit set just above the Monthly M3 – which could end the pullback.

  2. Hi Wayne, thanks. We now are starting to look for trades like on the EJ after the pair has shown us that wants to go up. Now we wait for pull back to enter plan A, plan B, correct? Thank you. Learning

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