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Hi all,

There has been plenty of news lately of a looming global downturn, with Trump and China’s trade war, Australia’s reliance on China as our major trading partner, and Australia’s long overdue ‘pendulum swing’ into a what could be another ‘recession we had to have’.

So, as a new investor with very little money currently ‘in the market’ this has got me thinking. Should I jump in now with my investments, or wait for the possible downturn to occur, and then try to buy in at a discount? (Buy low, sell high)

I have a bit less than 10,000AUD available to me that I will be investing, I am 41 years old, and want to see what I can do over the next 20 years. I have about 270,000 equity in my home, and no other debt besides a 150k mortgage. I have 2x kids (8 and 11), a cat, a dog and a wife. (classic, standard dad ) I am the sole breadwinner for the family. I work in retail FT, low income (47k p/a). My wife is a stay at home mum.

Given my position as above, (I know its pretty low powered…:banghead:) I am looking at getting into ETF’s as a starting point. I figure if I can plug away at investing in ETF’s and slowly learn about the market more in depth I will be able to perhaps take bigger positions in individual stocks as time progresses.

Meanwhile I will have the ETF’s bubbling away in the background as my main ‘base’ to my portfolio. I figure i will be able to invest between 5-10k per year on average, by living on about 40k p/a :nailbiting:….

So my main point of this post is, do you guys with more experience think it is better to just jump straight in now, or wait it out, and try to buy into ETF’s when the market is lower? I am looking into ‘Betashares’ products, like their A200, etc.

Thanks for your time.

Any input much appreciated. :xyxthumbs

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